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LUCKY DUCK. I’ve been searching for the Grimlock Vs. Bruticus set at Toys R’ Us for months now!

My first find and only Grimlock they had. I really want Animated Grimlock, next. My goal is to have ALL GRIMLOCKS. Over time, like, once every two months.



I bought a thing.

So it turns out my old #Tabletop channel was taken over by some of the bros that used to go there.

They kept working on fixes and homebrews for my Halo game, so I am currently implementing all the fixes and changes they had. I’m also decluttering the entire thing. This will take a bit, because I’ll need to fix the core system like I am to put my mech tabletop on.

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❝ FLIP anon i follow because /co/ and tinychat and i think we played halo reach with rice that one time. ❞

Yeah, when it came out. Reach was fun.

❝ So, what do you think of some of the name changes for US All Star Battle? :X ❞

I don’t like any of the changes, I find them pointless.

❝ i follow you cause of /co/ ❞


On android. Using swipe. Didn’t realize the incorrect word.

❝ b/c 4chan ❞

This will be the answer most of the time won’t hurt

❝ I follow you because I recognized your name from /co/ and I always thought you were funny and seemed like a cool guy ❞

Y… You too

tell me why u follow me on anon

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do you ever just look at someone’s interpretation of a character and want to gently put your hands on their shoulders, look them kindly in the eyes and say you got it all wrong


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