Help me fix my computer! Recently, my graphics card and DvD Drive has crashed, and to replace it, would cost me over $130. I don’t have all that money, and am now taking commissions to help afford the card replacement. 

Shown above are some works I’ve done by request for examples. Some are old, some are newer. I’ve done more things that I cannot show due to them being for projects.

I’m offering my skills in coloring comics, mangas, and whatever is requested for small amounts of money depending on the work needed, to help replace the card and drive. I know plenty of people run these commissions for various reasons, such as going on trips or helping afford something, so I thought I could offer what I am good at for help to fix my computer. 

Simple colorings like Manga and comic pages are $5 a page.

More advanced colorings will be $10 a page, and this will depend on how much work I will have to put in to finish.

Digital paintings take awhile to complete, so those will cost $15.

Getting comic/manga pages requested in bulk will lower the price per page.

I’ve been bugged for so long now about just opening commissions instead of doing all this work for free. I’ll still obviously keep coloring the Jojo comics, but that has slowed down now that my computer is sluggish when running Photoshop. 

You can contact me on either tumblr, or at my email over at vorked@gmail.com if you are interested. Attach any image and give any coloring details you want with the post you make. I do series as well, such as the Diamond is Unbreakable chapters I have been coloring. Payment in advance is expect, sorry. I’ve also, finally, been working on my digital paintings, again.

I am sorry to say that any porn will cost a small bit extra, say about $5 more, per, unless it’s an extreme fetish, then it’ll cost $10 more. I’ve been requested to do some seriously weird stuff before that has caused me to put this clause in.

If this could be signal boosted a bit, that would be great. Thanks for the help, everyone.

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    do it!
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    Vorked is still a wonderful and talented person and you should give him money, the rates he’s charging are a steal.
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